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20 07, 2019

Compression Plate

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A compression plate produces a force across a fracture site to bring the fractured components closer. The effect utilizes the principle of Newton’s Third Law (action and reaction are equal and opposite). The plate is attached to a bone fragment. It is then pulled across the fracture site by device, producing tension in the plate. As a reaction to this tension, compression is produced at the fracture site across which the plate is fixed with the screws. The direction of the compression force is parallel to the plate. Role of Compression – The compression plate achieves any one or all [...]

5 07, 2019

Hand Fractures

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Several small bones together make up the supporting framework of the hand. These are the small finger bones, the phalanges, and the long bones, the metacarpals. Fracture in any of these bones is termed as a hand fracture. Various Type of Locking orthopedic implants are used for hand fracture surgery. More often Hand fractures are caused by an object either fall on the hand or the hand strikes an object occurs causing direct trauma to the hand. A twisting injury or a fall can also lead to a Hand fracture. Symptoms Some of the common indications of a hand [...]