Elbow fractures mainly occur in the olecranon, the pointed bone at the elbow tip, where the bone cracks or breaks. This is a common injury that can be a part of a more severe condition or an isolated incident. If the bone breaks into parts and those parts become displaced within the elbow, this is called displaced fracture. A fracture in which bone sticks out by the skin is called an open fracture.

The elbow joint comprises of bone, ligaments, cartilage, and fluid. Tendons and muscles help to move the elbow joint.  The three bones of elbow: the radius, the humerus (a bone in the upper arm) and the ulna (2 bones in the forearm).


Elbow fractures are often painful and constrict the range of movement. The area is often tender to the touch and moving it causes sudden, sharp pains.

Other symptoms are:

  • Instability in the joint, with the feeling that the elbow may “pop out”
  • Swelling and bruising at the tip or back of the elbow
  • Numbness in the fingers
  • Bruising that travels down or up to the arm


Elbow fractures are caused by accidents, such as receiving some type of blunt force of the joint or falling directly on the elbow. They usually occur when any person falls on an outstretched arm with the locked elbow.

Treatment options

Elbow fractures can be treated with surgical or nonsurgical treatment options, depending on the seriousness of the fracture and other factors that affect the part. If a fracture is only cracked and isn’t displaced, nonsurgical treatment- such as taking anti-inflammatories and immobilizing the elbow in a splint – can be used. If the fracture is open or displaced, surgery is often needed. Elbow surgery often involves repositioning the bones and securing them in its position until they heal. Depending upon type and severity of fracture Orthopedic Surgeon will select the right type and size of Orthopedic Plate and Screws to treat the elbow fractures.

Locking plate system from SIORA offers Locking Olecranon Plate in Stainless Steel or Titanium Alloy Construction in size ranging from 3 holes to 12 holes. Other plates that may be useful are Locking Distal Humerus Plate (DHLP) medial side/ lateral Side. Complete set of Orthopedic instruments is also available for conducting the surgery.