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9 11, 2019

Tibia Fractures with an Intact and Non Intact Fibula

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In our years of experience as a leading orthopedic implants manufacturing company in India, we have seen approx 3 in every 4 cases of tibial fractures that have an associated fibular fracture. Those with no associated fibular fracture need special attention, primarily because of the advanced incidence of Varus angular deformities in this group. This is a snag likely to be seen in cases of closed treatment no matter whether a brace is used or not. According to one of our recent orthopedic implants studies based on approx 100 tibial fractures without associated fibular fractures, it was found that [...]

27 03, 2019

Screws- Design and Its Parameters

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The article will describe the screw as a mechanical device. We will also discuss about its physical attributes. What is a screw? A screw is a device which converts the rotational forces into linear motion. Screw design A screw has a core about which is wrapped a surface that is spiral. In the surgical framework, most screws have a screw-head. Most surgical screws are made of either titanium or stainless steel. Thread design may vary according to the physical characteristics of the bone in which the bone screw is intended to gain purchase. The two main thread types of [...]