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25 03, 2019

Intramedullary Implants

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The intramedullary device (IMD) for proximal femur comprises of a nail with an expanded proximal end as well as a tunnel for a large-diameter smooth shank lag screw. It’s the orthopedic implant of choice for fixation of the four-part fracture of the proximal femur. The IMD offers the benefits of an intramedullary nail combined with an SHS that enables impaction of the peritrochanteric fracture. The intramedullary position declines the lever-arm on the device and generates its own lateral buttress that prevents extreme lateral migration of the proximal fragment. The strength of the device enables immediate weight bearing. Use of [...]

2 02, 2019

Various Orthopedic Plates: Locking, Tubular & Reconstruction Plates

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Tubular Plate The one-third tubular plate comes only in the 3.5 mm size. Its complements the 4.5 mm system in the semi-tubular plate. The one-third tubular plate can be accessible in either stainless steel or titanium. As the thickness of the plate is only 1.0 mm, its ability is slightly limited. However, it can be beneficial in parts with minimal soft-tissue covering, like the lateral malleolus, the olecranon and the distal end of the ulna. Each hole is surrounded by a small collar to prevent the spherical screw heads from penetrating the plate and making cracks in the near [...]